Pesticide Control

The Commission is delegated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to enforce state pesticide control regulations (NJAC 7:30-1.1 et seq.). These regulations are designed to ensure that pesticides are properly applied by licensed applicators and that unregistered pesticides are not used or offered for sale. A major goal of the pesticide control program is to increase the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in schools and childcare facilities.

The Commission conducts compliance inspections of multi-family buildings, schools and childcare centers, and landscapers to ensure that only licensed personnel apply registered pesticides in accordance with state regulations. Inspections are also conducted at retail establishments to determine if unregistered pesticide products are being offered for sale. In addition, the Commission coordinates closely with local health departments to ensure that those companies performing bed bug treatment are properly licensed, and are using chemicals appropriate for indoor residential use.