Worker and Community Right to Know (RTK)

The New Jersey Worker and Community Right Know Act went into effect August 29, 1984. The purpose of the Act is to give employees and the general public access to information about hazardous substances to which they may have the potential to be exposed.

Under the program certain public and private employers must file an annual survey to report inventories of certain hazardous materials which are in use at their facilities. Public entities must file a Worker RTK Survey with the New Jersey Department of Health by July 15th each year. Private employers must file a Community RTK Survey with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection by March 1st each year.

As the designated RTK Lead Agency for Hudson County, the Commission serves as a local repository for RTK Surveys, the Hazardous Substance List, and Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets. Copies are available to anyone upon request. Commission personnel knowledgeable in the RTK program are available to answer questions from the public, employees, or employers.